Customer Savings Stories

Jennifer from Granby,CT hadn’t taken the time to review her Liberty Mutual policies for several years. She found out that she was significantly over paying for her home and auto policies. After comparing rates with 14 companies, were able to save her $820 by switching her to MetLife.

Wanda from New London, CT was with Allstate for about a year. She decided to ask the salesman she purchased her car from if he knew an insurance company that offered better rates. He suggested CCS Insurance. Wanda started out at Allsate paying about $225-230 per month with full coverage at limits of 20/40/10 and a $500 deductible. At renewal she found out that Allstate was increasing her rate to $287 a month. We were able to up her limits to 100/300/100 with a $500 deductible, roadside assistance and rental car reimbursement for just $88 a month with National General. What a savings!

Mr. and Mrs. Smith from Coventry, CT had auto and home insurance policies renewing with Travelers Insurance. At the time of re-shop, we were able to save them $122.00 on their home by bundling it with their auto insurance and switching insurance carriers. We were able to save $880.00 on the auto insurance premium simply by switching them to the new carrier.

Chris from Collinsville, CT had an auto insurance policy that was up for renewal and was decreasing by $4.70 a year. During the re-shopping process we were able to take the insurance needs of this client and save them over 1,000.00!

Gary from Bristol, CT had an auto insurance policy that was increasing by $254.00 a year. While it doesn't seem like much, at CCS Insurance, we know every penny counts. When we re-shopped his auto insurance policy, we were able to find a savings of $380.00 a year.

Jayson from Southington, CT had an auto policy that was renewing with an increase of $447.00. At the time of re-shop we found that by simply switching auto insurance companies, we could save 579.00! This includes increasing his liability limits from 50/100 to 100/300.

Kevin and Gloria from Plainville, CT had auto and home insurance policies both renewing with increases. By re-shopping their home owner's insurance policy, we found a savings of $249.00 with UPC Insurance. We were also able to save them money on their auto insurance policy by switching carriers. We found a savings of $86.00. That's a total savings of $335.00 on both home and auto insurance!

Valerie and James from Hartford, CT had an auto insurance policy that was renewing with Travelers Insurance. At the time of re-shop, we were able to find Valerie and James the same coverage with Safeco Insurance and save them 93.00 a year!

Jamie from Farmington, CT had an auto insurance policy that was increasing by almost 200.00 a year. Since we re-shop all of our clients insurance policies, we did the same for Jamie. At the time of his re-shop, we were able to find identical insurance overages, with a different insurance carrier with a savings of 392.00!

We saved our newest customer from Stafford Springs almost $600 per year by moving their cars and home over to MetLife. They were frustrated their current insurance agent never re-shopped their policies which is why they were looking for quotes to begin with. They will never have to worry about that again, we've get them covered!

Taquawn from Hartford, CT had an auto insurance policy that was decreasing at renewal time. Even though there was a decrease, we re-shopped the auto insurance policy anyways. The findings were outstanding! By switching the insurance policy term from a 6 month with Progressive to a 12 month term with Safeco we found a savings of 3,000.00 for the year! This also included increasing the coverage limits from 25/50/10 to 100/300/50.

Jin from Naugatuck was shocked that we were able to reduce his bill from $2,200 per year to $1,419. We moved Lin from Geico to MetLife and raised his liability limits from 50/100 to 100/300. Crazy, right? We often hear the Geico is the cheapest auto insurer and we prove that wrong almost every single day.

Cahsidah from New Haven CT had an auto insurance renewal with was less than what was paid last year. During the reshopping process we found an additional 230.00 in savings for the auto insurance policy! Not only we were able to save her money, we increased her auto liability limits from 50/100 to 100/3000.

Tara from Enfield CT, had an auto insurance renewal rate that was increasing drastically. Our findings when reshopping the policy were, that if we switcher her to another carrier, Tara could keep her 100/300 coverage and pay 1600.00 less a year on her automobile insurance. That's really getting the lowest auto insurance premium!

Kristopher and Shannon from Niantic were facing an auto insurance renewal with a large increase. Since we always reshop our customer's insurance policies we did the same for them. We were able to switch the couple to another automobile insurance carrier and save them 800.00 a year and not compromise any of the auto insurance coverages they currently had.

Chris from Cheshire found savings on his auto insurance when he was purchasing another vehicle. When reshopping the auto insurance policy, we found that by switching the insurance carrier we could save him 246.00 a year. We also took the insurance policy from just above CT state limits 25/50 to a higher 50/100 limit of coverage. Chris was so excited about the savings he had us quote his home as well and saved him more money!

Michelle and her husband from Bristol, CT had their auto and home insurance renewals with Safeco both increasing. After re-shopping the policies, we found that we could place the auto insurance with MSA and the home with UPC insurance. By doing so, we found 1,063.00 in savings!

Michael from Naugatuck had an auto insurance policy that was renewing with an increase of 744.00 for the year. By switching Michael's insurance carrier from MSA to Safeco Insurance, we found a savings of 851.70 and kept all of the coverages the same from one insurance carrier to the next.

Delores from Bloomfield went from paying $280 per month for her car insurance to $115 per month with Safeco and much higher coverage. It pays to let us shop for you!

Doug from Wolcott noticed a drastic rate increase on his auto insurance payment when he purchased another vehicle and added it to his auto insurance policy. When decided to re-shop the policy and found that we could lower his current premium by 620.00 simply by switching his insurance carrier to Harleysville.

Patricia and Jonathan from Middletown had an auto insurance policy that was renewing with National General. Even though there was a decrease for the auto policy renewal, we compare your options no matter what. In doing this, we found a savings of 542.00 for the auto insurance policy. This also included taking their insurance limits from just above CT State Minimum 25/50 to 50/100.

Timoie from Bristol CT had an auto insurance policy with National General Insurance that was decreasing at renewal. At CCS Insurance, we strive to get our clients the lowest insurance rates possible at renewal time. We re-shopped the policy and saved Timoie 43.41 on the auto insurance policy for the year. Not only that, we took Timoie's auto insurance limits from the CT State Minimum of 20/40 to and increased 50/100. Now only did Timoie save big the first year of being our customer we're dropping the price even further.

Andrew and Kelly from Bristol CT had a home owner policy renewing with no premium change. Even though there was no change in the insurance premium, we re-shopped the home owner insurance policy any ways. In doing so, we discovered that we could save them an additional 99.00 on the home owners insurance policy. Since they already had an automobile insurance policy with Safeco Insurance, they got additional savings on that insurance policy as well! Talk about getting the lowest insurance rates possible and not having to do any work for it!

Emily from Torrington CT was facing a 76.00 increase on her Progressive auto insurance policy. Since doing the right thing is what we do at CCS Insurance, we re-shopped her auto insurance policy at renewal. The savings were amazing! Emily went from paying 3,000 a year to 1371.00 for the whole year that is over 1,600.00 in savings! Not to mention we took her auto insurance policy limits from 50/100 to 100/300.

Emerlinda from New Britain had an auto policy with Travelers Insurance that was decreasing at renewal by 23.00. Since we re-shop all our clients auto and home insurance policies we did the same for her. We found that even though her auto insurance was decreasing we could save her an additional 90.00 on the auto policy by switching her insurance carrier.

Devin from New Britain was facing an increase on his auto insurance policy with Progressive. Since no one likes to pay any extra for their insurance policy, we shopped Devin out like any great agency would do. We found that we could save him 400.00 a year on his auto insurance policy! This included taking his insurance policy limits from a CT state minimum of 20/40 to an increased coverage of 100/300.

Jason from West Hartford CT was facing a significant increase on his auto insurance policy with Travelers Insurance Company. Doing what we do best, we shopped the auto insurance policy again to find Jason some additional savings. What we discovered is that we could save Jason $472.00 on his car insurance. We help our customers lower their auto and home insurance rates not because we have to, because we want to. Insurance carriers change their rates every year which is why we re-shop every customer at every re-renewal.

Eric, a current client from Farmington CT had a homeowner's policy that was renewing. As we are always looking to help our clients save money, we re-quoted him with other insurance carriers. With his current homeowner's policy with Utica was decreasing by 41.00, we found that we could place Eric with another insurance company that ended up saving him an additional 185.00 for the year! Does your insurance agent do that for you?

William, a current client of ours from New Britain CT had an auto insurance policy that was increasing by 83.00 with Travelers. As we always strive to find our clients the lowest insurance rates possible, so we re-shopped him with all of our insurance carriers. By doing this we found that we could save William 1059.00 a year on his automobile insurance policy getting him the lowest rate we could. As well as getting an amazingly low rate on auto insurance, we were able to increase his liability limits from 50/100 to 100/300.

We just helped Eunrico and his wife safe $300 per month on their auto insurance ... that's right per month. We were able to move them from Geico to Progressive to find the cheaper auto insurance rates and they couldn't be more happy! Enjoy the savings you two.

Chris and his wife from Vernon felt they were over paying for automobile insurance. They reached out to us to help them secure a lower automobile insurance policy at renewal time. They went from paying 1,800 dollars a year with GIECO Insurance to only 1400.00 a year with Progressive. That is a savings of 400.00 on just one insurance policy! But that's not all, we were able to increase their automobile policy limits from 50/100 to 100/300, giving them extra coverage for less money!

Kim, already our customer, from Newington had an auto insurance policy that was increasing $542.00 for the year with Travelers. We were able to switch her auto insurance to Harleysville and save her over $900.00 for the year, WOW! Not only that but we were able to take her from CT state minimum liability levels of 20/40 all the way up to 100/300 for far better protection. Who doesn't like a lower insurance rate that also offers more coverage?

Jada from Bloomfield has her auto insurance insured through Esurance for one term, paying $227 per month. She received her auto renewal and even with no changes her payment went up to $243 per month. After quoting her with our insurance carriers, I found that Harleysville had the best auto insurance rates. Not only was I able to offer her a monthly payment of $97 per month but I also increased her liability limits from 20/40/25 with no physical damage coverage or roadside assistance to 100/300/100. I was even able to add comprehensive coverage with full glass and gave her roadside plus, which is the best roadside package that can be offered through Harleysville. As I'm sure you'd expected Jada was thrilled!

We just helped this Laredo, TX based trucking company start out right. During their insurance shopping process we were lucky enough to make the list and saved them $25,000 off their lowest quote. Thanks to our relationships in the trucking industry we are able to truly serve the truckers that call us. $25,000 in savings is a significant amount of money, we live for those wins!

We recently helped a trucking company from Floral City, FL save big! We not only helped this trucker save $15,000 on his trucking insurance rate but we also corrected the issues with his current policy. Insurance is serious business if it's not handled correctly. We're proud of our team and the work we do for truckers.

We're proud to help Lisa from Milford, CT cut her auto and home insurance bill almost in half! This meant a savings of almost $300 per month for her and her family. This is why we compare insurance rates for our customers. What a proud moment for us!

Stephen was insured with Liberty Mutual for many years until he decided to look for other auto insurance quotes. With 1 call to us we were able to offer him better auto insurance coverage at a lower rate saving him a little over $1,100 per year. Wow, all of that from 1 phone call. Thanks Stephen.

Donavan from New Britian, CT recently came to us looking for affordable auto insurance. We were able to offer him auto insurance for nearly $120 per month lower than his prior auto coverage. Thanks for the shot to earn your business Donavan.

After Kiah from New Britain received her cheapest quote from Progressive Insurance at about $1,600 for 6 months, she was searching for help. We were able to save her over $1,000 for the year. We are honored that Kiah was referred by her grandmother who obviously had a great deal of trust in us, we're proud that we didn't let you down.

We were able to save a trucking company from Boynton Beach, FL $250 per month on their trucking insurance coverage. Running a business is hard enough without overpaying for insurance.

Cody from Manchester was looking for his first auto insurance policy. After becoming discouraged by receiving quotes for over $200 per month, he contacted us. Amanda was able to find him a policy for just $121 per month. Enjoy your car Cody!

Preston from Hartford was out shopping for auto insurance quotes. He decided to get his insurance from us through Travelers because we were able to beat all of his other auto insurance quotes by about $120 per month! We love hearing and sharing stories like this.

Janell and her husband, contacted us to request a quote for their renters and auto insurance. Combined they were paying $720 with their prior insurance carrier, we were able to switch them to Main Street America and save them over $150 per month.

Jacquis from Bloomfield was paying nearly $350 per month with her prior insurance carrier. She was referred by her mother who we had previously helped save money on her auto and renters insurance. Jacquis is now paying only $208 per month and now has 4 times the amount of liability coverage. Unfortunately Jacquis was at the state minimum of 20/40/10 and now has insurance limits of 100/300/100 along with lower deductibles and better roadside assistance. We're proud to deliver these types of results to our customers.

James from Vernon was paying just under $100 per month with Geico. Since coming to CCS Insurance he's now paying $56 per month with MetLife and has much better liability limits. What this means is James is now able to better protect himself in the unfortunate event of an at fault accident or even being hit by an uninsured motorist.

George from Terryville was already a customer of ours and was automatically entered into our annual re-shopping program as all of our customers area. We were able to save George almost $2,000 per year by switching to a new insurance carrier AND even increased his liability coverages. This included coverage for his home, auto, rental property and motorcycle. Because of savings he's even considering the umbrella policy he's always wanted.

Leonel from New Britain was shocked as he saw auto insurance prices for his first time being on his own auto insurance policy. Even though the car insurance quotes he was receiving were in the $250 per month range we were able to get him covered for less than $165 per month. Good Luck Leonel!

Imelda from New Britain was paying about $160 per month when she asked us to search for other auto insurance quotes. We were able to reduce her auto insurance payment to $129 while increasing her auto liability coverage by 4 times. You don't have to be underinsured to save money!

Valerie from Stratford was paying close to $500 each month with Liberty Mutual Insurance. We were able to save her over $160 per MONTH ... WOW. She was so happy she referred her grandson to us who also saved a tremendous amount of money! Thanks Valerie

Marquis from Stratford was paying $339 per month with USAA Insurance. Amanda was able to get him coverage with higher liability limits for $286/month. We often see insurance agents that cut corners with coverage limits trying to decrease your payment amount. We prefer to make sure you're properly covered by shopping insurance carriers to find the best fit!

Our insurance agency was able to help Courtney from Bloomfield save $35 per month on her auto insurance by switching from Geico.

Our agency is proud to be able to help Cahsidah from New Haven save over $50 per month on her auto insurance.

Our insurance agency just helped Jorge from New Haven, CT save over $125 per month on his auto insurance. With this savings he was able to buy the new car he wanted! Enjoy your new car, Jorge.

We are proud to be saving Mr. F over $80 per month on his auto insurance by switching him from AllState.

Our insurance agency just saved a mom and daughter from New Britain $180 per month on their auto insurance coverage.

We just helped Charles B from Waterbury save over $70 per month on his auto insurance. With 4 insured vehicles, Charles was very excited. That's over $800 per year in car insurance savings.

We helped Amanda from Wallingford, CT save over $150 per year on her car insurance. Thanks for your business Amanda

James from Manchester, CT just saved $50 per month over State Farm Insurance for his auto insurance.

Tarina from New Britain just saved $45 per month on her auto insurance. This savings beat the best quote she had received which was from Geico. We love helping people save on insurance.

Today we helped Dale from Hartford save $100 per month, that's $1,200 per year by switching from Progressive. Dale, enjoy your savings!

Jonathan from New Britain just saved $200 per month over Progressive for insurance on his new car. Congrats Jonathan!

We were able to save Reginald from West Hartford $25 per month on his auto insurance. This is what we get excited about!

Sheri from Bristol, CT today saved almost $20 per month on her auto coverage. Enjoy your savings, Sheri!

We helped Matt from Vernon save over $50 per month, that's $600 per year, on auto insurance for his new car compared to State Farm. Enjoy your new car Matt!

Ken from New Britain had been with Progressive Insurance for 2 years. We were able to save him $100 a month by switching.

Judith from Bloomfield had just about given up on her dreams of buying a new car. As a retired person on a budget she just couldn't get her payment and insurance into a range she was comfortable with. We're happy to announce Judith is indeed going to buy her new car since we were able to reduce her car insurance payment enough to fit her budget. That's a win!

Izabella from New Britain was very excited when Geico's quote was able to save her money over her existing insurance carrier. She was even more excited when we were able to beat that by another $600 per year. As a new driver things are expensive enough, we are happy we could help her save on her car insurance!

Tim and his wife from Middletown were very excited when they heard what we could do for them on their auto and home insurance. We were able to save them $1,200 a year on Homeowners insurance and $400 a year on Auto/Car insurance with the same insurance coverage limits from Harleysville Mutual. That's a big win!

We just helped Loretta from New Britain save over $600 per year on her auto insurance. Thanks Loretta for contacting us!

Trevon from New Britain is a younger driver and was definitely not paying a favorable rate for his auto insurance. We were able to save Trevon $1400 per year. That's over $100 per month, we are very proud we were able to help Trevon. I'm sure he can find a way to spend or save the extra money he gets to keep now!

Kim from Newington was in the process of shopping for auto insurance and wanted to see if we could help. We were able to save Kim $600 per year over the lowest auto insurance quote she had gotten before talking to us. This is what we come to work for!!

Jacob from East Hampton, CT is a young driver who purchased a six month auto insurance policy through Geico and was paying an outrageous premium of $252 per month for liability insurance only! He also did not completely understand how his insurance coverage worked and what he was and wasn't covered for. He came to me with some questions about his current coverage and asked me to give him an insurance quote. The outcome was an extra $80 per month in his pocket that he would not be saving, higher liability limits and a bucket full of insurance knowledge. Not only was he thrilled about being able to save money on insurance but he also felt very good knowing that he now had an insurance agent who would be available any-time to handle his policy for him and who made sure he was properly covered in the unfortunate event of an accident.

Marianne from Norwich, CT has been with the same company, Allstate for a good amount of time. Every six months her renewal auto insurance premium would go higher and higher, but the coverage limits remained the same. Marianne found me and requested a quote and she was able to save about $30 per month with her new annual insurance policy with Travelers. Not only is she saving money, but her insurance premium will remain the same throughout the entire year.

Brain came to use to hopefully save money on his car insurance. He had a 2010 Nissan Sentra and had been with Geiko for many years. After some shopping and discussion Brian choose the Travelers offer which saved him $26 per month which was right about 22%% of his bill. Now that's a deal! He has the same level of coverage, he just pays less for it. Thanks Brian!

Sandy and Victor from Oxford, CT had been with Metlife for over 6 years. They had reached out to us to see if they could save any money. We found that switching to Travelers could save them over $500. The best part was Victor had always wanted an Umbrella policy but was struggling to justify spending the extra money. Since we saved them more on their auto and home insurance than the umbrella insurance policy was they got the umbrella and still saved.

At the end of their first year we re-shopped their policy and ironically now MetLife was able to save them an additional $600, including their new umbrella. That's why we re-shop our customers every year!

Rick had been with Allstate for many years. He was happy with his agent but felt he was paying more than he should so he asked Jeremy for a home and auto insurance quote. We were able to save Rick over $600 per year and won his business. He has been with CCS for over 2 years now.

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