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Your home is an extension of yourself, and you should feel safe and secure there more than anywhere else in the world. Here at CCS Insurance, we want to make this a reality by offering you the very best in home insurance policies. We work with providers who can instantly cite home insurance quotes, making your ability to compare so much easier than ever before. And because you can quickly see all the options available to you, you’ll be able to decide confidently on the policy that gives you the best coverage. We understand that no one policy will work for every homeowner, so we provide that all-important flexibility to tailor your coverage to your needs. In addition to our online quote system, we can also help you find a local agent for more personalized service. Let us help you find the right coverage at the right price.

Home Insurance Coverage

Home insurance policies can cover a remarkable number of circumstances, but wading through the vast amount of information to find the options you want is difficult. Fear not - that’s why CCS Insurance is here! We’ll tell you about the main types of coverage and what you can expect from your plan. Home insurance covers damages to the structure of your home, your belongings, and your person. If you experience a natural disaster (except for flooding and earthquakes), theft, or failure of a household system – even more unlikely events like a riot or falling aircraft – your home insurance will be there for you. Basic home insurance will also likely include coverage for medical expenses, additional living expenses if you’ve had to relocate, and will of course reimburse your personal property. There are also a variety of other options that you can add to a basic-level policy. Learn more about the kinds of policies we offer and the rates that will apply to you by starting your quote or speaking with a local agent.

Home Insurance Discounts

Looking to save money on homeowners insurance? Even if you’re buying your first house or moving to your tenth, there are discounts in place to help you cut down the cost of your home insurance. CCS Insurance will steer you towards the discounts that will most benefit you. You can qualify by simply starting a new policy or renewing an old one. And if you install certain safety measures in your home, like theft alarms, smoke detectors, and storm resistant roofing, you’ll also reap the rewards. Discover all of the ways to save on home insurance through our comprehensive list of discounts.

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